ImaginaryCTF 2021 is an all new CTF competition, with all skill levels welcome to participate. It runs from July 23 to July 27, starting and ending at 4 PM UTC. In the competition, teams of up to six players will be challenged to discover vulnerabilities in websites, crack codes, and recover information through challenges in cryptography, binary exploitation, web exploitation, forensics, reversing, and more. We hope you will have fun and learn something new! If you would like to practice a bit before our competition, you can visit our site for daily CTF challenges at https://imaginaryctf.org.

ImaginaryCTF 2021 starts in


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1st Place: $250 gift card

2nd Place: $200 gift card

3rd Place: $150 gift card

4th Place: $125 gift card

5th Place: $100 gift card

$200 prize pool for the best writeups (open to everyone!)


Thanks to Trail of Bits and Cybrancee for providing our CTF with prizes!

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